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Addressing the Polypharmacy Challenge in Older People

The Polypharmacy Challenge Blog

Polypharmacy perspectives: the polypharmacy challenge for patients

Our second guest blog post is from Jennifer Bostock, with a polypharmacy story from the patient perspective.

"Why sometimes having too many drugs is not enough and why having enough is sometimes too many"

This is a quote from my friend Pat. She is 80 years old and lives at the sunny seaside where I live in Kent. She lives alone, apart from an array of not so exotic animals. She is jolly and she enjoys life. There is nothing Pat would not do for me or for anyone else; she’s a truly kind soul and would never ever bother the doctor unless it was absolutely necessary. For the last 10 years, Pat cared for her husband who had motor neurone disease. She watched as he became more and more like the child she never had and less and less like the man she married. It was exhausting. And it came at a price to Pat’s own health.


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